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February 04, 2018

Super Bowl Twitter reactions: Eagles fans lose their minds during big game

It took 13 years and a whole lot of crushing losses for the Eagles to make their return to the NFL's biggest stage. Philadelphia fans were not about to let that opportunity go to waste, and they showed up in force in Minnesota and all over the world to remind everyone how loud and proud they can be of their favorite team.

In the hours (and frankly, days) before the Eagles took on the Patriots with everything on the line, fans struggled to contain their excitement, losing sleep and focus on the world around them.

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There were even a few shout-outs from celebrities and Philadelphia sports figures before the opening kick.

And then, you know, the Eagles and Patriots had to actually play the game. As you might expect, it was a nerve-wracking experience for a fanbase who had never seen their team emerge victorious in a Super Bowl before. 

That started to change when the Eagles scored their first touchdown of the game, an absolute rope from Nick Foles to Alshon Jeffery in the back of the end zone.

Things went to another level when the Patriots missed a short field goal in the early second quarter, with a botched snap sending Philadelphia into delirium.

The hype levels just kept rising and rising, with Eagles fans really kicking things into another gear when LeGarrette Blount ran over the Patriots to turn it into a two-score game in the second quarter.

The only thing that crushed the vibe was a brief moment in time when all of Philadelphia thought their cable went out. Rather than assuming it was the commercial screw up that it was, the natural reaction was to expect a rare Super Bowl appearance to be taken away from them.

But the good times kept rolling once people were able to, you know, actually watch football, particularly since America's favorite team in the game was going off. Whether they're usually Eagles fans or not, ballsy decisions like Pederson deciding to run a trick play on fourth down resonated with a nationwide audience.

Brady and the Patriots were never going to make this easy, and it was never going to be a 60-minute celebration. The Patriots stormed back down the field to start the second half with a dominant Rob Gronkowski drive, and that's when butts started clenching for Eagles fans.

Just when it looked like the Patriots were going to close the door on the Eagles, Nick Foles came swashbuckling through, breathing life into a team whose defense played dead for most of the game.

And when the best clutch quarterback in league history had his chance to make history once again, it was the Eagles' defensive line that finally rose to the occasion, shutting down the Patriots for good with a strip sack of Brady.

And as the clock struck zero, a realization finally washed over Eagles fans: their favorite team is now champion of the world, and no longer will they have to deal with jokes from opposing fanbases about rooting for a ringless franchise.

Congrats, Philadelphia. Your team is a Super Bowl champion. Remember this one for the rest of your lives.

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