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August 21, 2016

Survey: Republicans love Eagles QB Sam Bradford

But why?

Eagles faithful might not be huge fans of the team's starting quarterback, Sam Bradford. With second-round draft pick Carson Wentz waiting in the wings and Bradord's mediocre play last season, the former Oklahoma star is essentially a placeholder.

But Republicans? Can't get enough of him. At least that's according to a recent survey of 20,000 people by market research firm NDP Group.

The survey, acquired by The Washington Post, asked respondents who their favorite celebrities and athletes are, as well as their gender and political affiliation.

Most of the results are hardly surprising, as Democrats and Republicans tend to favor athletes that are either supremely talented or align with their politics beliefs.

Roger Staubach, a Hall of Fame former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and noted conservative, was second most popular among Republican men and fourth most popular among Republican women. Serena Williams is the top choice among Democratic men, and she's arguably the greatest female tennis player of all time.

But the one that sticks out as peculiar, especially for Philly fans, is Bradford, who was the top choice for Republican women and the third most popular among Republican men.

Heck, he was even the ninth most popular among Democratic women!

Why conservatives are apparently such big fans is unclear. Again, Bradford has been far from the NFL's elite QBs since entering the league in 2010. And as Metro noted, other than coming from right-leaning Oklahoma, he has no public ties to the Republican Party.

To be clear, there aren't a lot of specifics provided about the survey's methodology, such as where respondents lived — a factor that could have heavily influenced the results.

Whatever the reason, let's just hope Bradford lives up to the love he gets from Republicans this season and plays better than the recent performance of the party's presidential nominee.