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November 06, 2015

Five for Friday: The Hive's Melissa Alam

Self-proclaimed 'ideaholic' dishes on her busy life

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Melissa Alam Cheyenne Gil/for PhillyVoice

Melissa Alam, founder of The Hive, Femme & Fortune and Fearless Philly Week.

Melissa Alam, the one-woman powerhouse behind women's co-working space The Hive and lifestyle blog Femme & Fortune, is a busy lady. As if her calendar wasn't already jam-packed running her two big brands, she's launching the Fearless Philly Conference Saturday, Nov. 21. 

Perfectly in tune with Alam's girl-power philosophy, the conference will gather the city's brightest, most ambitious women for a day of inspiration, courtesy of speakers like the CEOs of Thinx,, You Can Do It Diva and ROAR for Good

We caught up with Alam (who also has the best Twitter handle ever) as she gears up for the big event to chat about how she gets it all done and what she does to relax.

With The Hive, Femme & Fortune and Fearless Philly Conference all on your plate, how do you keep your energy up?

Great question! To be honest, I don't even know what day of the week it is most days. I'm the type of person that can't stop, won't stop when it comes to work, especially when I find my groove. I guess it's because I've seen what can happen when you put your heart and soul into something (insert The Hive), and having peers and random strangers look up to me keeps me constantly motivated. I do believe in a very strong balance with having an actual life versus working all the time. 

I love spontaneous adventures, hanging out with friends around town and going out for a drink or two throughout the week because it keeps me in check and not too stressed. If you're a local entrepreneur, give your brain a rest and say yes to a happy hour once in awhile! Your mind and body will thank you. 

What’s your secret to building a powerful girl squad?

There's no secret. Women want to be supported by one another, and I'm just trying to create an outlet or opportunity for them to do so. It helps to find a common thread between the tribe you're trying to create - whether that be your drive for your businesses, your love for dancing at Woody's on a Saturday night or just common dating horror stories. 

Have an 80:20 ratio when it comes to discussing personal and professional matters (because who wants to constantly talk about business with their squad?) and be honest and open with one another. Find a good balance when it comes to your friendships because having a solid team of supporters, comrades and partners-in-crime is so important these days. 

Where’s your favorite place to kick back in Philadelphia?

You'll probably find me hanging out at a friend's house around Philly for the most part, but I do love to occasionally kick back at El Bar or Kung Fu Necktie near my house. I'm also a fan of Midtown or anywhere the music is bumpin'. I'm a night owl, so if I can find more after-hours spots, I'd be a much happier lady. 

What’s on your nightstand right now?

Well, I just moved to Fishtown so my nightstand is currently chilling in my living room. What's next to my bed right now, though, is a box of tissues because I get the sniffles, my laptop because the hustle is real, and "The Alchemist" because I'm actually trying to incorporate casual reading back into my life. 

You’re a self-proclaimed “ideaholic” — What’s next on your career to-do list?

I'm really focusing on hosting a successful Fearless Philly Conference on Nov. 21 (get your tickets here ladies!), followed by growing The Hive into a bigger Philadelphia location and into other cities around the country. I'm also the digital director for a new, independent, quarterly print magazine called Spoonful Magazine launching in January of 2016. 

Besides all that jazz, I had a random idea this weekend of opening a bar or restaurant one day. I get so inspired by everything around me that it's hard to keep my ideas from taking over my mind. Fingers crossed for 2016!