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July 02, 2018

Trader Joe's refrigeration system is temporarily down at Center City store

A Center City Trader Joe’s employee took to Reddit on Monday morning to warn potential customers of a sudden and unexpected problem: 

“Hey y'all, Trader Joe's crew member here. Came in this morning to open the store and ALL of the fridges were down!! So if you're trying to get ANY refrigerated items, don't come in today!! We are currently getting rid of everything!!”

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We spoke to a Trader Joe’s team member over the phone who confirmed the refrigeration system went down some time between late last night and early this morning. As of 9:40 AM today the repair team were there working on the refrigerators. He estimated it takes about an hour and a half to fix the refrigerators and then about 2-3 hours to get the refrigerators up to the right temperatures. 

But don’t worry Trader Joe’s lovers and those who forgot to pick up the hot dogs this weekend, by this evening the refrigerators should be re-stocked and ready to roll.

TRADER JOE'S CENTER CITY!! from r/philadelphia