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February 11, 2023

'Eat your heart out' at an anti Valentine's Day dinner curated by Wet Palette Supper Club

For $130 patrons can enjoy a five course meal and cocktails at an event that intersects food and visual art. The dinner pairs a chef with an artist to produce an inspired curated menu

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Anti-Valentine's Day dinner Stefan Vladimirov/

Aubrié Costello from The Erotic Project, Tevon Tyrell of Hummingbird Island, and Andrew Magee of Kensington restaurant Martha curated a five-course anti-Valentine's Day dinner.

Many couples celebrate Valentine's Day with red roses, boxed chocolates and a fancy dinner – the traditional romantic gestures. But not everyone loves the holiday.

On Tuesday from 6-9 p.m., Wet Palete Supper Club is hosting the Eat Your Heart Out pop-up dinner for the anti-Valentine's Day people at Martha Kensington2113 E. York St.

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The dinner costs $130 and is for adults 21 and older.

"For our debut event, we're partnering with Martha Kensington to bring folks a special anti-Valentine's day, Valentine's Day dinner," the Wet Palette creator Ana Thomas said.

Thomas, a digital project manager who created Wet Palette under the umbrella of another project, GLDN Brain, seeks to fuse art and food through the supper club. It pairs chefs with artists to curate meals like the anti-Valentine's Day dinner.

Aubrié Costello from The Erotic Project, Tevon Tyrell of Hummingbird Island and Andrew Magee of Martha curated the five-course, anti-Valentine's Day dinner.

The meal begins with a sunflower bisque with a truffle. It is followed by sweet potato pate, beef tartare, smoked crab, halibut, dried strawberry grater cake. A ginger tart is served as dessert. 

Eat Your Heart Out: Wet Palette Supper Club

Tuesday, Feb. 14, 
6-9 p.m. | $130
Martha Kensington
2113 E. York St.
Philadelphia, PA 19125