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August 04, 2016

VIDEO: Probably not a UFO spotted in North Philly

Footage shows dot in cloudy skies

As someone who takes his UFO sightings seriously, I'm skeptical of a recent video claiming to show one over the cloudy skies of North Philly.

After seeing someone on Philly's Reddit page ask if anyone had seen a UFO over Northeast Philly, I rushed to YouTube to see if there was footage of the potential sighting.

Here's what I got, posted to YouTube by user Justin Richmond on Wednesday:

It might be hard to see at first, but if you look, you'll notice a small black dot in the cloudy skies. The description of the video reads:

Nothing was planned. Seen this s*** with our own eyes. It had no form so we know it wasn't a drone. We just want answers.

Yeah, a few things with that:

1. Saying "nothing was planned" automatically raises some suspicions. It's like saying "I don't know where the body is" before anyone even asks.

2. "It had no form so we know it wasn't a drone." Actually, it does have a form, or at least it seems to have one. It looks nothing like the mysterious cloud spotted over North Philly last year. Instead, it looks like a small, black, solid dot.

3. Why is he filming before he gets outside? Seems like an intentional attempt to add drama to the supposed "sighting."

We reached out to Dr. Derrick Pitts, the lead astronomer at The Franklin Institute who helped us understand a UFO sighting in Philly earlier this year.

Until he gets back to us, we remain skeptical of this sighting.