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June 24, 2016

Watch Ben Simmons run through Philly as 'Creed'

Video shows new Sixers forward as fictional boxer

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Sorry if I'm a little video-happy for new Sixer Ben Simmons, but it's hard to contain your excitement when your team drafts a potentially franchise-altering player and your new general manager doesn't shoot himself in the foot by giving up way, way too much in a trade.

That said, you can cure your draft hangover with this video from Bleacher Report, which shows Simmons' face photo shopped onto Michael B. Jordan's during the scene in "Creed" where Jordan, playing Adonis Creed, runs through the streets of Philly.

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The guys riding motorbikes are replaced with a who's who of prominent Philadelphians, such as Bradley Cooper, Benjamin Franklin and Meek Mill. Allen Iverson, obviously, watches from above. You can watch the video below:

How fitting that instead of Simmons running up the Art Museum Steps like in the original “Rocky,” Simmons is portrayed as the protagonist in the next generation of the film series, signaling a new era of Sixers basketball (ok, I’m reaching here).

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