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February 02, 2016

WATCH: Local filmmaker releases new trailer for Philly mob documentary

Tigre Hill's 'The Corrupt And The Dead' delves into local mafia

A Philadelphia filmmaker has released the first trailer for his upcoming documentary, "The Corrupt And The Dead," which looks back at the city's history of organized crime.

The film comes from Tigre Hill, who's tackled local issues before. According to, the film will look at how infamous mobsters like "Skinny Joey" Merlino and others impacted the city. More from the website:

Hill described the forthcoming documentary as focusing on the detrimental effect of organized crime on society, as well as its impact on the economies of its host cities. The film covers the mob's influence in cities across the country, but takes heavily from the mob's impact on Hill's native city of Philadelphia.

"Philly was so unique," Hill said, "even the mafia was saying, 'What the (expletive) is going on in Philly?'"

Appearing in the film will be George Anastasia, an acclaimed journalist and author who covered the Philly mafia for decades. Watch the trailer for the film below:

Hill is possibly best known for "The Shame of a City," a documentary released in 2006 that looked at the 2003 Philadelphia mayoral election and how an FBI bug in the office of Mayor John Street actually aided the incumbent in defeating his Republican challenger, Sam Katz.

"The Corrupt And The Dead" is expected to be released sometime in 2016.