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February 21, 2017

Watch: Local rapper's masterful Wawa hoagies tribute video

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022117_AaronOutWawa Moist Boyce/YouTube

Aaron Out performs "Wawa Hoagies" in music video released on February 21, 2017.

Whenever people in the Delaware Valley devote their time to honoring Wawa, we take notice. It's become the focus of a multimedia genre unto itself, a local language whose main purpose is to celebrate what we consider the apex of Western civilization's march toward convenient bliss and consumption.

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Wawa, of course, has its own nerdy set of jingles that are lovable in all their rainbowed, Saturday morning cartoonishness. The brand manages to keep remarkably clean despite the playful attempts of admirers to make Wawa more of an elastic jawn, if you will. 

There's no need to belabor this one. Here we present the music video for "Wawa Hoagies," performed by local rapper Aaron Out and produced by Philly beatmaker irCasim. Parts of the video appear to have been shot at the Wawa on Limekiln Pike in Glenside. (Warning: Video contains explicit language and graphic imagery).