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July 20, 2016

Pikachu flipped off fans at Phillies game

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072016_Pikachu MLB/YouTube

Rogue Pikachu!

Like many of the country’s businesses have been scrambling to do, the Phillies decided to dip into the Pokémon Go game on Tuesday night. Pairing up the greatest sports mascot in the world with Pikachu for a skit in between innings seems like a home run, right?

Wait, what was that at the beginning?

Bad Pikachu! Bad!

Almost every sports fan in Philadelphia complains about our reputation, claiming that:

1.    The whole fan base shouldn’t have its reputation ruined by a few rotten apples.

2.    When anything bad happens somewhere else, it doesn’t get nearly the type of national attention that it would’ve if the same event occurred in Philly.

While they might have a point, it’s truly difficult to see how our Pokémon can come back from this one.

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