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July 16, 2019

Crow named Edgar steals customer's dollar bill at Cherry Hill Wawa

Wally the Goose is no longer the only bird making a name for himself at the convenience stores

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Wawa crow robbery Curtis Remarc/Twitter

Edgar the Crow, shown here at a Wawa in Cherry Hill, stole a customer's dollar bill. Edgar now owns that Wawa.

Wawa is a bird-themed convenience store chain, with a mascot named Wally. Wally's a fine mascot, but he lacks the city's edge. He was once bludgeoned by Swoop and failed to put up a fight. What if Wawa wanted to add some edge to its mascot game?

On Tuesday, a crow named Edgar staged an impromptu mascot audition when he robbed a man of bona fide U.S. currency outside a Wawa in Cherry Hill on Route 38.

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Local musician Curtis Remarc captured the aftermath of the harrowing incident, showing Edgar proudly toting a dollar bill in his beak. The victim is staring up at the crow, helpless, knowing Edgar has won:

According to Remarc, the man staring at the bird with disdain mentioned the name Edgar. When Remarc asked if the bird's name really was Edgar, the man said, "Yeah, I call him that. I was feeding him yesterday and now, he took my dollar."

It seems Edgar is on a bit of a crime streak:

Online, reactions were mixed. Some thought Edgar was a hero:

Others decided to bring Sheetz into the conversation:

Personally, Edgar the Crow seems like the kind of bird Philadelphia can get behind as a convenience store mascot. He's got plenty of sass, he clearly has the joie de vivre of the city's residents, and now he has a dollar.

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