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October 06, 2015

Wawa introduces its first credit card

For rest of the year, customers can save 25 cents on a gallon of gas if card is used

Credit Cards Wawa
03232015_NewWawaSite Screenshot /Street View

Wawa plans opened its new flagship store at the southeast corner of Broad and Walnut streets in September.

Although you can get cash out of the ATM for free at Wawa, sometimes you just want to charge it.

So to truly proclaim your love for the hoagie haven, you'll want an official Wawa credit card.

The Media-based convenience store partnered with Citi for the card and is offering some big bonuses for people who sign up soon, the Philadelphia Business Journal reported. Hoagie fans can apply for the card at any Wawa store.

Customers who buy gas at Wawa with the card will save 5 cents per gallon, with a limit of 100 gallons per month. They'll get the money back in a credit on their card statement at the end of the month.

However, until the end of the year, customers will save 25 cents per gallon.

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