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February 11, 2017

What Pennsylvanians Googled more than any other state since the election

A recently published map that shows what each state Googled more than any other state since the election reveals that Pennsylvanians sure had some strange search queries., a real estate website, released its findings earlier this month by using Google Trends combined with hundreds of search terms and popular names most associated with the Nov. 8 election.

They published a map revealing not what each state Googled most, but what those residents searched for more than residents in any other state across the country.

So what was most researched in Pennsylvania? A number of things, according to the website, including "nazi getting punched," "Donald Trump pee pee party," "Obamacare replacement plan," "Steve Bannon Leninist," "How old is Giuliani?" "What is the one China policy?" and "James Clapper resigns."

New Jerseyans went a different path, searching most for "Twitter beef," "Tucker Carlson Teen Vogue," "Mike Pence booed at Hamilton" and "Brave New World."

The top post-election searches in other parts of the country may be a little more interesting. Mississippi Googled "3 Doors Down" most while Texans posed the question, "Can Texas secede?" according to

Surprised? Check out the full results here

The website also found what each state Googled most throughout 2016 in a map published in December