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March 18, 2015

What they're saying: 'WHEEEEEL ... OF... TEBOOOOOW!'

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Wheel of Tebow Jimmy/for PhillyVoice

With the free agency period winding down, let's take a peek around and see what some outsiders are saying around the NFL. We'll begin with Dianna Marie Russini of NBC4 of Washington DC, who reported that the Eagles are trying to deal Matt Barkley, and if they do, it's Tebow Time!

That report came a day after Chris Mortensen of ESPN had already noted that the Eagles would take whatever they can get for Barkley:

Two things here:

  1. The Eagles tried to trade Barkley last offseason and didn't get any takers, or at least they didn't get any offers they liked. They aren't getting anything for Barkley this time around. Mayyyybe they can package him with a 7 to get a 6, but nobody is just going to give up a pick for him, straight up. It feels like the Eagles have moved on from him, so teams can just wait until the Eagles cut him.
  2. What does 80% mean? The Eagles have 62 players on their roster, 65 if you include RFAs Cedric Thornton and Chris Polk, and ERFA Jeff Maehl. NFL teams are allowed to have 90 players on their roster. If the Eagles want to sign Tim Tebow, they can do it regardless of whether Barkley is on the roster or not. I mean, if the Eagles trade Barkley, are they going to spin a "Wheel of Tebow" to see if they sign him?

Wheel of Tebow

Bovada gives Eagles 7th best odds to win the Super Bowl

If you're a degenerate gambler, you can go here to place your bets, but here are the full odds:

Team Odds Team Odds Team Odds 
 Seahawks6/1 Bills 33/1 Bears 50/1 
 Packers7/1  Bengals33/1  Texans50/1 
 Patriots7/1  Lions33/1  Vikings50/1 
 Colts8/1 Dolphins 33/1  Jets50/1 
 Broncos12/1  49ers33/1  Browns75/1 
 Cowboys16/1  Falcons40/1  Raiders 75/1 
 Eagles18/1  Panthers40/1  Redskins100/1 
 Steelers20/1  Chiefs40/1  Buccaneers150/1 
 Cardinals25/1  Saints40/1  Jaguars200/1 
 Ravens25/1  Chargers40/1  Titans200/1 
 Giants25/1  Rams40/1   


• Chargers at 40/1: The Peytons could be in serious decline, which makes 40/1 juicy odds for the Bolts.

• Colts at 8/1: As long as Andrew Luck stays healthy, the Colts are a lock to win the garbage AFC South, which is half the battle.

• Lions at 33/1: The Lions lost Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley, which is likely why they're behind a team like the Giants, but they're being under-valued here.


• Cowboys at 16/1: Cowboys fans are convinced they won't miss DeMarco Murray. We'll see.

• Giants at 25/1: The Giants having the 9th best odds to win the Super Bowl is a joke.

• Cardinals at 25/1: 2014 was smoke and mirrors.

Life in jail >>> Being a football player

There's a leader in the clubhouse for dumbest article of the year. That honor goes to Michael Rosenberg of Sports Illustrated, who took 49ers linebacker Chris Borland's early retirement as an opportunity to say that Aaron Hernandez may be better off being in jail than if he were still a football player:

To understand Chris Borland’s decision to retire, look across the country, at another prominent young former NFL player: Aaron Hernandez.
Hernandez is a year older than Borland. He, too, could be starring in the NFL next season, but he is in a Massachusetts courtroom instead, on trial for murdering his acquaintance Odin Lloyd. The trial is not going well for Hernandez, and even if he is somehow acquitted, he faces another trial for a separate double-murder case.
It sure looks like Hernandez will spend the rest of his life in jail.
And when he sits there, at age 50, he may be better off than if he had stayed in the NFL.

That is a hot take the sun would be proud of.

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