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November 14, 2017

Will SEPTA’s new app make your commute more tolerable?

Over the last few years, SEPTA riders haven’t particularly loved the transit system’s smartphone app, which is supposed to provide system schedules and real-time updates to locate buses and trains.

Much like SEPTA itself, the app has been full of glitches, sending frenzied, frustrated commuters to Twitter to voice complaints.

On Wednesday, some of those complaints sent over the social media airwaves might actually amount to something as SEPTA unveils its new (and hopefully improved) app for iPhone, Android, and desktops.

“The new app was bulit with customer comments and feedback in mind,” SEPTA said in an announcement Monday. SEPTA promises “greater ease to check schedules and find service information,” and new vehicle locator technology.

“With location updates for Regional Rail trains, about every 30 seconds, the app will deliver the most current information about scheduled service and in-service delays.”

According to the announcement, the real-time data will also be displayed at SEPTA stations to reach users who don’t have a smartphone.

The app’s Train View feature, which offers a map scattered with the trains in motion throughout the SEPTA system, also will be getting an upgrade. The improved app should offer a Train View that actually gives real-time information and will take into account trains that get delayed almost routinely by Amtrak.

SEPTA also promises “easy to understand” app navigation that finally includes the option to “Favorite” a commute so you don’t have to keep looking it up every day.

Get more info about new features and how to download the app on the SEPTA blog. Be sure to try it out tomorrow, and we’ll see you on Twitter if the app still isn’t working for you.