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October 27, 2015

'Will there be a streaker?' and other interesting World Series prop bets

MLB World Series
102715_World-Series_AP Charlie Riedel/AP

Royals starting pitcher Johnny Cueto warms up during Monday's media day for the World Series.

What will happen once the 2015 World Series gets underway on Tuesday night is anyone's guess. But if you work for a Vegas sportsbook, you often have to think beyond the game itself and try to set a line on something no one is quite expecting to see.

Like, for example, whether or not there will be a streaker. Arriving by parachute

That's what the people at did, and although you can't actually place any bets there -- they're more of an information site for gamblers -- that doesn't make their list of Word Series odds and prop bets any less interesting.

First, let's take a look at some of the normal, boring, standard odds that don't involve naked men flying through the air.

•  •  •  ODDS  •  •  •

Odds to win the World Series:

• Kansas City: 11/10
• New York: 10/11

Odds the World Series is won in...

• 4 games: 7/1
• 5 games: 10/3
• 6 games: 7/3
• 7 games: 2/1

Odds to win the World Series MVP:

• Daniel Murphy: 11/2
• Alcides Escobar: 7/1
• Lorenzo Cain: 8/1
• Yoenis Cespedes: 8/1
• Jacob deGrom: 10/1
• Kendrys Morales: 12/1

•  •  •  OVER/UNDERS  •  •  •

Over/under on stolen bases for...

• Kansas City: 4
• New York: 4.5
• Combined: 8.5

Over/under on sacrifice bunts for...

• Kansas City: 3.5
• New York: 3
• Combined: 6.5

Over/under on home runs for...

• Kansas City: 3
• New York: 4.5
• Combined: 7.5

And here's a pair of over/unders that will leave everyone watching praying for the under.

Over/under on the number of...

• Replay reviews in the series: 4.5

• Calls challenged by managers in the series: 3

•  •  •  PROP BETS  •  •  •

• Odds a home run breaks the fountain at Kauffman Stadium: 600/1

• Odds a home run breaks the apple at Citi Field: 1000/1

Those scenarios aren't as far-fetched as you may think, especially considering Travis d'Arnaud belted one off the big apple in the NLCS. I don't know how hard it is to actually "break" it, but you've got to figure Daniel Murphy will have at least one ball hit out towards it every game.

• Odds a player or manager gets ejected during a World Series game: 22/1

• Odds there is a brawl with at least one punch thrown during the World Series: 99/1

As long as Chase Utley -- or a similar play -- doesn't make an appearance, I think the punch is one you stay away from.

And now for the really good stuff...

Fan Props

• Odds a fan runs onto the field during the World Series: 9/1

• Odds a fan streaks the field during the World Series: 100/1

• Odds a fan parachutes into the stadium during the World Series: 2000/1

Think this one is out there? Well it happened during the first inning of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.
And we all know what happened at the end of that game. Maybe a brave Mets fan will try this again for good luck, although I'm not sure flying over a stadium during a World Series game without permission is the best idea, let alone in post-9/11 New York. 

• Odds a streaking fan arrives via parachute: 5000/1

If I was able to find a book willing to take action on this, then laid $1,000 on it, and went out and did this myself, would the money I won be enough to cover my legal fees?

• Odds it snows during the World Series: 100/1

I feel like if this was the 1986 Mets, there would be a 100 percent chance of snow.

Broadcast Props

• Over/under on the number of Fox promos for non-sports Fox television shows: 20.5

Over. You always take the over on this.

• Over/under on the number of times the broadcast cuts to shots of fans in costume on Halloween: 8.5

Considering Game 4 is actually on Halloween night, they may get close to that number during that broadcast alone.

• Over/under on the number of times Fox shows the NYC skyline during World Series broadcasts: 9.5

There are (potentially) three games at Citi Field, meaning they would need to average just three shots per game. Over all the way.

And now, for some history...

• Over/under on the number of times Fox shows George Brett during World Series broadcasts: 5.5

• Over/under on the number of times the Mets’ 1986 championship is referenced during World Series broadcasts: 13.5

• Over/under on the number of times the name “Buckner” is mentioned during World Series broadcasts: 4.5

• Over/under on the number of celebrity sightings during the World Series: 15

Because, New York.

And, of course, we saved the best for last...

• Odds there is another “moment” with Rob Manfred/Erin Andrews during trophy presentation: 500/1

If you're not sure what this is in reference to, it's this awkward moment from the 2015 All-Star Game trophy presentation.

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