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July 14, 2015

@ZooWithRoy looking to get kind Taylor Swift fans rewarded

Girls offered seats at concert for nothing

Local sports blogger @ZooWithRoy is known for usually posting things about Philly sports teams, specifically former Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay and their frequent (ok, one time) trips to the zoo. 

However on Tuesday, the blogger took to his site to highlight an act of kindness by two young Taylor Swift fans and is asking the singer to reward them. 

In his post, the anonymous blogger said he had taken his 5-year-old daughter to the Wyomissing native's concert at Nationals Park in Washington D.C Monday night. While he had only purchased seats in the upper deck of the stadium, two girls who befriended his daughter offered to have them come sit right on the field with two extra tickets they had.

@ZooWithRoy writes that despite his efforts to reimburse the girls, they refused and said they just wanted to be nice: 

My head was spinning a mix of confusion and excitement. Lacking retention of specifics, they had their original seats, but got two additional bangers right next to the stage because they have a fan site or the fan club (Taylor Swift Nation?) gave them two more ... like I said, my mind was all over the place. I asked if they were sure, they insisted. I asked the Wah (Editor's Note: Wah is a nickname for the blogger's daughter) if she wanted to go down there, she said yes. I offered to give the girls face value for those tickets, they said no. I offered to buy them shirts, they said no. I offered to buy them dinner, they said no. Then they said that all they wanted was to make my daughter's night. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

The blogger said he was taken back by their kindness, and in turn, is urging people to share their story to have Taylor Swift reward the two girls: 

Taylor Swift people, if you're reading this (hence the Twitter handles and hashtags in the title of this post) please bring these girls backstage and let them eat stromboli or drink lemonades with Tay Tay or something. People who aren't Taylor Swift, please share with everyone you know so that this stromboli and lemonade party can happen.

So far, it seems @ZooWithRoy has been unable to get the attention of Swift's people or find out who the selfless girls are. In the meantime, he's been tweeting out his story to various Swift fan groups to try and get their, and in turn the singer's, attention.