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September 15, 2016

A guide to being the perfect guest

Know what to bring for any occasion

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Hosting a great party takes a ton of planning and work. Show your host that you appreciate all their time and effort with a gift to match that thoughtfulness. It may seem obvious, but when choosing a host gift, it’s important to always consider the recipient first. If it’s an old friend, you can get something specific and quirky, but maybe you’ve never met them before! In that case, a classic gift is a good choice. Once you’ve determined where to begin, elevate your gift with a keepsake memento, so that your host will think of you every time they see it.

Enjoy this quick guide to help you break down and organize the factors towards finding the perfect host gift, for every party.

Here are 5 standards, to get you started:

Host: Your significant other’s parents

THE GIFT: Flowers. Pretty, delicate, thoughtful. Something that speaks to the season is ideal, especially if you pick them yourself.

ELEVATE IT: with a decorative vase.

Host: Your boss

THE GIFT: Wine. Try to find one that expresses your personal taste, whether that means label art or country of origin, a unique wine will help her get to know a little bit about you.

ELEVATE IT: with a unique and handmade bottle topper or wine gift bag.

Host: Aunt, cousin or acquaintance

THE GIFT: Fancy cheeses with nuts and dried fruits. Who doesn’t love a nice assortment of fruits and cheeses? Plus, your host can set it out for other guests as one less thing they’ll have to worry about on the day of the party.

ELEVATE IT: with a fancy cheese knife or unique cheese board.

Host: A new friend

THE GIFT: Beer. Beer is less expensive than wine, more casual, but still good for a solid bonding session. Plus, there are some really great options for fair trade coffee stouts on the market these days.

ELEVATE IT: with a bottle opener.

Host: Your mentor

THE GIFT: Cupcakes. A little something sweet for somebody sweet. By baking cupcakes yourself, not only will they taste better, but they’ll also show just how much time and thought you put into your gift. Arrange them on a cake stand, wrap with plastic and finish with a ribbon for a presentation that’s tough to beat.

ELEVATE IT: with a two-tiered cake stand.

Also, don’t forget!

A perfect guest will always RSVP on time, and show up to the event on time (but not too early … unless you’re helping to set up). Always ask if there’s anything you can pick up on the way over because even the most organized host will run out of ice every now and then.

And there you have it! Follow these guidelines and go down in history as the world’s most perfect guest.

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