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May 23, 2016

2016 Jersey Shore beach guide: Longport

The history of Longport goes all the way back to 1695 when Thomas Budd was awarded 1,500 acres of land, a large portion of which is now located in Longport, in a settlement claim against the Lord Proprietors of New Jersey. Budd later sold the land.

In 1857, Isaac Barton traded what is now known as Longport for land in Arkansas with the town's namesake, James Long.

Long's investment grew in both value and size as sand accumulated due to erosion updrift between 1870 and 1880.

Long eventually sold the land in 1882 to Philadelphia lawyer, businessman, developer and builder M. Simpson McCullough, who wanted to develop the area as a beach resort.

McCullough named the town Longport, which was officially incorporated on March 7, 1898.

Lots were then sold and the town developed into the residential area it resembles today.

Beach tags:

Yes, badges are required on all Longport beaches. Beginning June 18, tags must be worn by all beachgoers 12 years of age or older for the 2016 season. Seasonal tags can be purchased at Borough Hall located at 2305 Atlantic Avenue.

Longport offers free beach tags to all active military personnel and veterans with proper identification. Those tags are available at the Municipal Clerk’s office.

Seasonal beach tags for adults cost $30; senior tags cost $10. A preseason rate for 50 percent off is available now through June 17 by completing this form.

Longport is one of three South Jersey towns offering beach tag purchases via a mobile app.


The Longport Beach Patrol will begin lifeguard service on June 18 through Sept. 10.

Lifeguards will be on duty from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. except during inclement weather. The borough reserves the right to change lifeguard locations during the season.

For more information, contact the Longport Beach Patrol here.

Beach rules:

Dogs are only allowed on the Longport Dog Beach located at Route 152 and Ocean Drive Bridge.

Swimming is permitted at guarded beaches in areas where lifeguards have indicated.

No one is allowed on the beach between sunset and sunrise.

Kite-flying is prohibited between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Surfing is only permitted in areas designated by lifeguards.

Public parking:

Longport offers free parking on all streets.

More information:

Borough of Longport municipal website | Atlantic County Tourism website | To request additional travel information, click here.