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April 20, 2018

New Jersey police remind you not to blaze it this 420

Today is 420, the “holiday” celebrated nationwide by marijuana aficionados that occurs every April 20.

It seems nobody is more aware of this weed commemoration than police in New Jersey, whose K-9 assistants are ready to spot a doobie dead in its tracks. The Washington Township Police Department posted on Facebook yesterday showcasing one of the police dogs and their copious amounts of captured ganja.

“We understand that a certain segment of society gets very excited about illegally smoking marijuana on April 20th,” the post reads.

“The Washington Township Police Department K-9 unit trains diligently all year to assist us in enforcing the law. They are particularly well suited for finding illegal drugs. So if you think you are excited about it, you should see them.”

Welp, there you have it. Don’t do drugs. On an unrelated note, here is some tasty food to eat late at night in Philadelphia.