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January 09, 2015

PHL, Newark airports rank high in disrupted flights

Newark can sometimes have better deals when it comes to flights, but the trip north to make your trip may cause other inconveniences. During the busiest travel week of the year — Jan. 1 to 6 — Newark International Airport had 39 percent of its flights either delayed or canceled, reports. Philadelphia's airport didn't do much better, at 37 percent.

Out of the 20 busiest airports in the nation, Newark suffered the second highest percentage of flight disruptions, Global Gateway Alliance announced. In total, there were 2,681 disruptions. The alliance defines a "disruption" as delays and cancellations for arriving and departing flights.

Philadelphia has the fourth highest percentage, with 2,605 disrupted flights in the same period.

Newark comes second to O'Hare in Chicago, which had 42 percent of its flights disrupted between Jan. 1 and 6. LaGuardia in New York City ranks third, with 39 percent.

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