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February 22, 2015

Animation breaks down progression of Alzheimer's disease

After Julianne Moore took home Best Actress at the Oscars Sunday night for her role in 'Still Alice', the importance of understanding Alzheimer's has been powerfully reinforced in one of our most symbolic cultural settings. 

As CNN recently reported, the film's success has as much to do with its portrayal of caregiving relationships as it does with how well Moore depicts the difficulties Alice faces with early onset Alzheimer's.

This story is familiar to more and more Americans, young and old. Like so many families, Alice's did not have a plan to address such an unexpected diagnosis and must scramble to create makeshift solutions while navigating their own in-the-moment reactions.

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As always, education is a critical to proactively managing health problems, whether they are acute or, like Alzheimer's disease, progressive. The following animation, developed by, is a 3-minute primer on how Alzheimer's disease affects the brain over time.

The animation is one of five in a series that examines the science, statistics, and future challenges posed by Alzheimer's disease. 

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