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October 30, 2017

Apple engineer's daughter posts emotional vlog after iPhone X video gets dad fired

Apple is just days away from shipping the first of its game-changing iPhone X models on Friday, capping another hype cycle about the gadget's transformed design, features and $1,000-plus price tag.

But for one radio frequency engineer and his daughter, the impending launch of the new flagship phone turned into viral family disaster.

On a sunny day last week, Brooke Peterson went to San Jose to shop with her mom and later visit her dad for a tour of the tech giant's Cupertino headquarters. The amateur YouTuber put together a quaint video walking viewers through her afternoon, uploading it with little expectation that she'd get much traction. 

The video's title, "IPHONE X and CAFFÉ MACS 🔥🔥🔥," was crafted for virality at the perfect time. Millions of hits started pouring in as tech outlets linked to Peterson's glimpse of the flashy device. Seated with both of her parents in plain view, she even gives a quick demo of the new smartphone, whose home button has been removed in favor of a full, reengineered screen and a facial recognition lock (the relevant part starts at the 2:10 mark). 

Unfortunately for Peterson's dad, the video was in violation of Apple's strict rule against filming on campus, let alone uploading a video of an employee's phone. Even though various media outlets — and Apple itself — have posted iPhone X preview videos, Peterson's video was a fireable offense for her father.

In the days following the incident, Peterson was skewered on YouTube and other social media sites, mostly by critics who said her careless video cost her father an incredible, high-paying job. 

Peterson, responding to the uproar this weekend, posted an emotional vlog on YouTube explaining her "innocent little video" and insisting that she and her dad both take full responsibility.

Many on social media have since come out in support of Peterson, while others maintain she should have known better. 

"I almost want to become an engineer just so that I can work at Apple," Peterson said at the end of the first video. Suffice it to say this is not a great step in that direction.