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October 20, 2016

Attorney General: Texas men arrested, allegedly delivered $230K of cocaine in South Jersey

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Salgado, Ramirez New Jersey Attorney General/Courtesy

Crisanto Ramirez, left, Esquio Salgado, right

Two men are facing criminal charges after they were allegedly caught delivering 5 kilos of cocaine to an operative in South Jersey, the New Jersey Attorney General announced Thursday.

Esquio Salgado, 30, and Crisanto Ramirez, 33, both from Texas, were charged Tuesday with first-degree distribution of cocaine, first-degree possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, second-degree conspiracy and third-degree possession of cocaine.

The Atlantic City Task Force launched the investigation after it received information that the two were allegedly dealing the drug into South Jersey. They arranged a controlled purchase of 5 kilograms of cocaine, which is valued at $230,000 according to the attorney general, that they handed over in a duffel bag.

Salgado's bail is set at $350,000, while Ramirez's is set at $200,000. Both were put into Burlington County Jail.