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May 02, 2019

Reap these benefits by drinking enough water

From more energy to better skin to headache relief

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Water makes up about 60 percent of our bodies, but many of us don’t drink enough of it every day. And whenever we are ill, spend too much time out in the summer or work out hard, we are putting ourselves at greater risk for dehydration.

According to the Mayo Clinic, signs of dehydration include “extreme thirst, less frequent urination, dark-colored urine, fatigue, dizziness and confusion.”

When you are dehydrated, you may also experience fluctuations in your body temperature and pain in your joints because they are not properly lubricated. While there has been a lot of attention on severe dehydration which can cause your body to shut down and lead to heat illness, even mild dehydration can impact your health.

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Here are some of benefits you reap when you drink enough water (sources: Healthline, KentuckyCare, and University of Wisconsin Health):


One of the first things people notice when they increase their water intake is that they feel more energetic, and more alert and focused at work and school.


While there is still some debate on whether drinking water can really improve your skin, some experts suggest it makes your skin look and feel softer, and more supple. Staying properly hydrated throughout the day may help with acne breakouts, too.


If you find yourself suffering from constipation a lot, your drinking habits may be a factor. Even mild dehydration can cause harder stools and problems in the bathroom.


Because you excrete more toxins out through sweat and urine when you drink a lot of water, your body will be less prone to kidney stones and urinary tract infections. You might also notice that you don’t succumb to every flu and virus that hits your home or office.


Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you have a headache, drinking a glass of water helps? Studies have shown that dehydration may behind the frequency and severity of certain types of headaches.

So how much water is the right amount to drink every day? The most common recommendation you hear is to drink eight (8 ounce) glasses daily, but there really isn’t a one size fits all prescription. For optimum health, your body may need more or less than that. Many health experts instead suggest drinking half your body weight in fluid ounces. (A 140-pound woman should try to drink about 70 ounces of water a day, for example.)

The key is to listen to your body because overloading on fluids, even water, can be bad for your health. Hyponatremia is a serious condition where your sodium levels are depleted because of overhydration.

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