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August 17, 2017

The best cases for all types of iPhone users

Which combination of foam and plastic should you use to deface your beautiful iPhone?

That's exactly what The Strategist found out this week in a look at the best cases for every type of iPhone user.

The shopping site, part of New York Magazine, gave 20 different cases a try to find something for everyone.

Have a nagging case of the butter fingers? Consider the Pelican Marine Waterproof case, the site's best case for someone who can't help but drop their phone at least three times a day.

Always on the go? Check out this ultra-slim case from Anker, complete with a portable charger.

Hate ruining your phone with a bulky, horrible-looking cover? At least Pitaka's Aramid case offers a surprising level of cushion for your device without totally ruining that naked iPhone feeling, The Strategist says.

Finally, everyone out there who tends to lean flashy with their cases – you know who you are – should check out "Growing Love" and "Fun at Parties" from Society6, the site recommends.

And this one comes with a cool side bonus: Each case purchase reportedly gives money back to the original artist of the case.

These cases may very well be the best for their respective categories, but they'll come at a cost.

Buying any of these cases on Amazon will set you back anywhere from $35 to $56.