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Opinion: Health equity is the real vaccine for hepatitis A

Hepatitis A outbreak in United States

Health Insurance

Philly residents to get a new health insurance option in 2020

oscar health insurance philadelphia

Alternative Medicine

Temple, other Philly-area health care facilities earn LGBTQ-friendly distinction

lgbtq friendly health care philly


U.S. health care: An industry too big to fail

Health Care Big Business 07242019


New Jersey's aid in dying law takes effect Thursday

Carroll - Pills Medication Prescription Drugs Stock

Adult Health

Doctor Alexa will see you now: Is Amazon primed to come to your rescue?

Echo Nightstand 07292019


South Jersey hospital has more than 100 health care jobs to fill

Stock_Carroll - New Jersey Ambulance Inspira

Women's Health

Today is #BumpDay: help spread word about rising maternal mortality rates in U.S.

Pregnant woman holding stomach

Health News

How to get a cheaper prescription before leaving the doctor’s office

Cash Register 07112019

Health News

Trump signs executive order to overhaul nation's kidney program

Kidney Trump Order

Mental Health

Philly-based NeuroFlow, Jefferson Health team up on better mental health treatment

NeuroFlow app 07092019

Health News

WHO updates medicine and diagnostic test recommendations for more than 150 countries

who medicines tests update

Health News

New Jersey's CarePoint Health planning layoffs despite owners' sizable earnings

carepoint health employee layoffs

Health News

American medical students less likely to choose to become primary care doctors

Doctor Patient Records 07042019


Health care price transparency: Fool's gold, or real money in your pocket?

EOB Health Care 06252019

Health News

Surgeons who mistreat co-workers put patients in danger, study finds

Surgeon stock photo

Health Stories

Jefferson exec's health care vision shaped by unique obstetrics career, wife's cancer battle

Carroll - Dr. Bruce Meyer Thomas Jefferson University Hospital


Cancer patients first face physical hardships, then financial struggles as survivors

cancer survivor medical bills


Former GSK facility in Upper Merion becomes world's largest co-working space

Discovery Labs Upper Merion


Harvard researchers posed as drug addicts to illustrate the struggle for treatment

addiction treatment struggles

Health News

New Jersey 'Patient Protection Act' sparks battle between Philly and Jersey health systems

Carroll - Ambulance

Health Insurance

24 million insured Americans are spending a big chunk of their income on medical bills

insured american medical bill spending


Comcast is the latest corporate giant to jump on the health tech train

Carroll - Comcast Technology Center

Health Care

The U.S. could have ended up with a British-style health care system: Here is why it didn’t

Mile End Hospital East London 05172019

Women's Health

These are the non-negotiable health care screenings all women should be getting

health care screenings women should be getting


IBX Foundation celebrates National Nurses Week

IBC Foundation national nurses week

Health News

Robotic health care is coming to a hospital near you

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery 05092019


'Hospital openness' can lead to lower mortality rates and improved patient safety, study finds

hospital openness mortality

Health News

Summer bummer: A young camper’s $142,938 snakebite

Copperhead Snake Head 05012019


Is insulin’s high cost keeping diabetes patients from taking their medicine?

Insulin Injection Diabetes 04292019


Does most of your paycheck go to rent? That may be hurting your health

apartment rent sign 03192019_

Health Insurance

Medicaid work requirements: Is there a path forward that could help the poor, not harm them?

Donald Trump montoursville pa

Health News

UPS teases new venture into at-home health care, vaccinations

Carroll - UPS Truck in Center City Packages

Mental Health

There’s an entire television series based on this controversial mental illness

Munchausen by proxy the act


Navigating end-of-life care

Hands of an old woman and a young man

Health Insurance

There’s a new ‘Medicare-for-all’ bill in the House. Why does it matter?



Mental health and seniors: fighting stigma with normalization

Health visitor and senior woman during home visit

Adult Health

Dying while black: Perpetual gaps exist in health care for African-Americans


Mental Health

Burned-out, depressed doctors are thinking about suicide


Alternative Medicine

Walgreens, Microsoft teaming up to offer new digital health care services

walgreens flickr


Why you need a primary care physician

Limited - Cooper Primary Care


Seven common symptoms that should not be overlooked

Doctor takes a patient's blood pressure

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