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June 01, 2016

Bumpy landing at Newark Airport causes plane ceiling panels to fall

United Airlines confirms incident

Passengers and crew aboard a United Airlines flight from Houston to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey experienced a bumpy landing – actually two bumpy landings – on Tuesday that caused ceiling panels to fall into the center aisle, NBC10 reports.

No one was hurt in the incident aboard Boeing 767, which was carrying 214 passengers.

NBC10 reports when attempting to land on the Newark runway the plane bounced up and down causing the pilot to lift it back into the air and try again, only to bounced up and down some more on the second attempt, this time causing ceiling panels to fall into the aisle.

Eventually, after about 30 minutes of coasting over the runway, the plane's pilot was able to make a safe landing to which the passengers aboard began to cheer, NBC10 reports. There is no word on what caused the disturbances.

Read the full NBC10 report here.