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January 12, 2018

Charles Barkley gets iPhone, does not get Siri at all

NBA Humor

Charles Barkley is respected and cherished for many great talents: he was a fierce rebounder, he's vocal about politics and social issues, and he's become the lovably cranky grandpa of the NBA.

All of that aside, he is apparently not a tech-savvy man at all. He is challenged in this department, it would seem.

During an "NBA on TNT" segment last night, it came to light that Sir Charles is the owner of a brand new iPhone. Good for him for making the switch. Many people find this gives them the simplicity they want in their personal tech life.

For Charles, the move to iOS may be a bumpy ride. Kenny Smith teased Barkley for not knowing how to use Siri — that is, for thinking Siri was someone he must first converse with in order to get her to fetch the information he wants.

The segment below is good for a laugh. Barkley always talks a big game, but whenever he gets got, credit to him for having a sense of humor about it.