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May 23, 2024

Alleged gunman in Chester linen shop shooting charged with homicide

Wilbert Rosado-Ruiz is accused of fatally shooting two people and wounding three others during a workplace dispute.

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Chester Linen Shooting Street View/Google Maps

Wilbert Rosado Ruiz, 61, was charged with homicide for allegedly fatally shooting Leovanny Pena, 30, and Giguenson Pena, 26, during a workplace dispute at the Delaware County Linen shop in Chester.

The man who allegedly opened fire at a Chester linen shop, killing two people and wounding three others, has been charged with first-degree homicide and related offenses, Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer said Thursday.

Wilbert Rosado-Ruiz, 61, is accused of fatally shooting Leovanny Peña Peña, 30, and Giguenson Peña Peña, 26, who are brothers, during a workplace dispute Wednesday morning at Delaware County Linen on West Fourth Street. One of the three wounded people is in critical condition, Stollsteimer said.

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Rosado-Ruiz allegedly had a dispute with a female co-worker on Wednesday morning. Stollsteimer said he then went outside to make a phone call before re-entering the building and shooting five people, including the woman he had been arguing with. Stollsteimer said she walked across the street.

When Rosado-Ruiz went back outside, he allegedly saw the woman and ran toward her with his handgun, which either misfired or was out of ammunition, Stollsteimer said. He then hopped in his car, left the premises and was arrested by police in nearby Trainer. 

Rosado-Ruiz had been employed at the linen company since 2016. Stollsteimer said his co-workers previously had made complaints about him, and that a meeting with the business owner and employees took place Tuesday. Rosado-Ruiz was an employee at the time of the shooting.

"I think this was not unusual that he was having a verbal altercation or a verbal problem with one of the employees," Stollsteimer said.

Chester Police Commissioner Steven Gretzky said police officers made a tourniquet for a wounded worker, and wheeled him outside in a laundry basket so he could receive medical assistance. 

Rosado-Ruiz also is facing a firearms charge because he was not legally allowed to conceal the gun he owned and used in the shooting, Stollsteimer said. He was to be arraigned Thursday afternoon.