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February 01, 2015

Christie trails by large margin in Iowa poll

Only 4 percent of voters have him as their first choice in 2016

A study conducted by Bloomberg Politics suggests a bleak outlook for Chris Christie's presidential chances.

The study, done in partner with The Des Moines Register, interviewed 402 registered Republican voters in Iowa who said they would definitely or probably attend the Republican caucuses in 2016. One of the questions those voters were asked was which of a group of potential candidates would be their first choice for president.

Christie's numbers weren't good:

Republican Presidential Numbers

Only 4 percent of those interviewed picked Christie as their first choice, while only 3 percent picked him as their second choice. Christie trails a number of prominent potential candidates, including Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz. The leader in the pool is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, with 15 percent of respondents picking him as their first choice.

Christie was also one of only a few candidates whom more respondents viewed unfavorably as opposed to favorably, with 54 percent viewing him unfavorably and 36 percent viewing him favorably. The only potential candidate with a worse ratio than that was Donald Trump, with 68 percent of respondents viewing Trump unfavorably and just 26 percent viewing him favorably.

Don't expect a local candidate from the Democrats either. The poll also interviewed 401 Democratic voters likely to attend the party's caucuses in 2016, and those voters were also asked who their first choice for president in 2016 was.  

Vice President Joe Biden, a native of Wilmington, Delaware, trails early favorite Hilary Clinton by a large margin:

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