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October 24, 2018

There's a fitness-filled cruise this winter for the CrossFit-obsessed

WOD on the Waves is a healthy vacation full of workouts, fitness celebs and so much more

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WOD on the Waves is a healthy cruise with a CrossFit affinity.

For the fitness-obsessed, vacations — as fun, beautiful and amazing they may be — tend to interrupt the routine people have worked so hard to create and maintain. For CrossFitters who want to take their WOD (that’s CrossFit lingo for ‘workout of the day’) on the road with them, the perfect solution has been created: a CrossFit cruise called WOD on the Waves.

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On Monday, Jan. 21, 2019, the fit-ship will be setting sail from Miami, and between then and Jan. 25, CrossFitters will be visiting Nassau and CocoCay in the Bahamas, before heading back to the port in Miami. Along the way, there will be tons of workouts scheduled (both on and off land), informative fitness and nutrition seminars and, of course, some #gains-inducing food with paleo- and dairy-free options a-plenty.

CrossFit celebrities, like Rich Froning and Brooke Wells. will host workouts all throughout the stay and sprinkled in-between workouts will be nightly theme parties — toga, anyone? — as well as local gym t-shirt swaps.

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As to be expected, WOD on the Waves is fairly expensive. The cheapest option is $575 for one person, where you’ll be sharing a room with three other people, and the most expensive option is $5,198 which will reserve you a shwanky owner’s suite for one person.

And there are a lot of options in-between, depending on your price point. You can check out them all here. It’s worth noting that between now and Nov. 1, you can get a $200 credit for referring a friend, and they get $200 off of their room rate.

WOD on the Waves will essentially be like a huge CrossFit expo that takes place on a cruise ship, with between 3,000 and 4,000 CrossFitters expected to join in the fun. That said, this cruise isn’t exclusively for CrossFitters, families and kids are more than welcome on the boat — even if they’re more of the low-impact workout-types — for this group, just think of it as a healthier cruise with some unique people-watching opportunities.

I bet no one will be coming back with a vacation gut after this cruise! For more information and to get on board with the fun, check out the WOD on the Waves website

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