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January 23, 2018

Data suggests Eagles will have Super Bowl 'home field advantage' over Patriots

When a sports franchise wins a lot, and the most key figures in the organization have been caught cheating multiple times, fans of other teams around the league tend to begin to hate that team.

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According to data from, the Eagles are the overwhelming popular pick in the Super Bowl over the Patriots. as show in this map:

Only five states support the Patriots, according to the study:

That map is based on geotagged twitter data immediately after the AFC and NFC championship games (over 500,000 tweets).

As you can see literally everyone except those in the New England area, and randomly North Dakota, are rooting for The Eagles, which isn't that surprising as The Patriots are going to their 8th Super Bowl in the Brady/Belichick era.

The data was compiled and mapped by the NFL guys over at, using software with direct access to geotagged twitted data.

I'll disagree that North Dakota is random. Most North Dakotans are Minnesota Vikings fans, so they may just be upset at the butt-whipping administered by the Eagles last Sunday. Although, it's maybe a little surprising they're not rooting for Carson Wentz, unless they don't want to see his backup take home the prize.

Here's a state-by-state number breakdown of the data: 

State Eagles Patriots
Alabama 3300 1400
Alaska 350 130
Arizona 5700 2200
Arkansas 1300 640
California 37000 13200
Colorado 2800 1200
Connecticut 3000 2100
Delaware 4200 320
Florida 15100 6400
Georgia 7800 2900
Hawaii 1300 440
Idaho 1100 300
Illinois 8200 4400
Indiana 3300 1200
Iowa 1700 620
Kansas 1300 520
Kentucky 3000 1300
Louisiana 2600 950
Maine 600 2500
Maryland 11400 2100
Massachusetts 4300 27900
Michigan 3800 2200
Minnesota 2300 950
Mississippi 1400 470
Missouri 2300 860
Montana 410 90
Nebraska 1400 560
Nevada 5900 1900
New Hampshire 390 1500
New Jersey 25100 1800
New Mexico 2000 520
New York 20500 6900
North Carolina 11300 2700
North Dakota 1100 1400
Ohio 13700 2800
Oklahoma 2400 820
Oregon 2800 790
Pennsylvania 161000 4200
Rhode Island 550 2200
South Carolina 3800 1300
South Dakota 490 230
Tennessee 5300 2100
Texas 26400 10600
Utah 2300 440
Vermont 230 200
Virginia 11300 2400
Washington 4400 1800
West Virginia 2200 630
Wisconsin 3600 1000
Wyoming 350 150
TOTAL 438070 126230

"I do know this," said Jim Schwartz, "and I felt this after the game, and I think everybody here felt how much this city celebrated with our team. It's been a while since the Eagles have been in the Super Bowl. We haven't won one, and I think that the fans that are able to make it to Minneapolis, just like the fans that made it to Los Angeles, and so many other places along the way for us, they'll turn it into a home crowd for us."

"Our Eagles fans travel. It's tough travel. The Super Bowl is a tough ticket, but I think we're gonna see a lot of green and we're gonna hear a lot of people singing our fight song. I'm hoping that it's not a neutral site."

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