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June 20, 2023

Domino's now allows customers to pin their locations for pizza delivery

No address is necessary to use the fast food chain's Pinpoint Delivery feature

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dominos pinpoint delivery Provided Image/Domino's

Domino's customers can drop a pin and get pizza wherever they are thanks to the restaurant chain's new Pinpoint Delivery service.

Want pizza delivered to the park, beach or a baseball game this summer? Domino's customers can now receive food exactly where they are, no address necessary.

The restaurant chain has launched Pinpoint Delivery, which uses Google Maps to allow customers to drop a pin indicating where exactly they'd like to retrieve their orders from delivery drivers.

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“We’re always striving to make customers’ experiences even better and more convenient, and Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery does exactly that," said Christopher Thomas-Moore, Domino’s senior vice president and chief digital officer.

Here's how Pinpoint Delivery works:

• Open the Domino's app and select "Domino's Pinpoint Delivery." Customers should allow Domino's to track their location to identify the nearest restaurant.

• Tap the map and drop a "pizza pin" in the desired pickup spot. Customers can place a pin nearly anywhere within the store's delivery zone.

• Place an order. To use Pinpoint Delivery, the order must be prepaid with a debit, credit or gift card. Once the order is placed, the pizza pin cannot be updated.

• After the order is placed, customers will receive an estimated delivery time and instructions on how to meet the driver. The order status can be tracked using the driver's GPS location as well as through frequent text notifications.

• Meet the delivery driver at the pickup spot. Customers must provide personal descriptions of themselves in advance to help drivers identify them. Once the driver arrives, a "spotlight" can be activated, allowing customers to hold up a full-screen Domino's logo on their phone to signal the driver. When the driver arrives, customers have four minutes to meet them and retrieve the order.

dominos delivery instructionsProvided Image/Domino's

To use Domino's Pinpoint Delivery, customers can order through the restaurant's app and drop pins to indicate where the driver should meet them.

Since its inception in 1960, Domino's has long made attempts to revolutionize quick-service pizza delivery and carryout. The company's Domino's Tracker, which updates customers on their pizzas' journeys from order to bake to delivery, was an industry first.

Recently, the chain tested a robot delivery car in 2021 and launched voice ordering with Apple’s CarPlay technology earlier this year. These innovations come as the company continues to face falling sales and delivery struggles.

Domino's currently has more than 20,000 stores globally, with over a dozen locations in the Philadelphia area.

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