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August 30, 2018

Door or Beach? Here's another internet dispute to destroy us all


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door or beach @rebeccareilly__/Twitter

Here's yet another new Internet debate: do you see a door... or the beach?

First it was The Dress.

Then it was the gif that seemed to make sound. Most recently, it was the great debate of Yanny vs. Laurel.

Now the internet has a new fleeting conspiracy to further destroy us: Is this the beach ... or a door with a not great paint job?

The original poster of the mystery even put out a poll that has nearly a quarter million votes.

A lot of people online said they could see both, though there are questions on both sides. If it's beach – where's the sun at? What about the people, seagulls? And there's not a cloud in the sky? If it's a door – where's the handle going? Why would someone use green trim?

After a few days of Internet clamor, the original poster "revealed" that it was a beach, unveiling a new photo with people swimming in the same setting.

Not everyone was convinced, however. One Twitter user pointed out that the picture looked like it could be photoshopped.

Nonetheless, all signs point to the sea. Buzzfeed ran an intense investigation, using reverse image search to identify the beach/door pic as the view from Miramar Beach in Florida. The viral photo was heavily photoshopped and darkened to heighten the mystery.Β 

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