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April 11, 2017

Doug Pederson changes course on inclusion of fullback on roster

During the Eagles' 2016 season, Doug Pederson was asked about the fullback position, and whether or not he wanted to have one on his roster. At the time he seemed fairly sure that he did.

"Down the road, as we go, if we can develop a fullback at some point, we will do that," he said. "We're constantly looking at that position, not only around the National Football League, but on our roster."

However, when asked about the position at the NFL's Annual Meeting, Pederson changed course a bit, saying that fullback is a position that can be filled by other players at other positions on his roster.

“It’s something that obviously, my history, even as a player in the West Coast system, we’ve always had that position, we’ve always had that player," he explained. "You’ve always been able to get in the I-­formation and run downhill. The game has changed so much now, that position, we can use a tight end. You saw last season we used a defensive tackle, Beau was in that position a little bit. 

"The game has changed. If you’re not adjusting to, say, the times, those positions can sometimes be filled by other role players. That’s something that we’ll look at, that I’ll look at. You’re seeing the game a lot more in the shotgun, the backs are offset. Pistol formation. I might be leaning toward using that position a little bit more differently.”

So there's your fullback update. Pederson is adjusting to, say, the times.

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