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September 14, 2023

Eagles fantasy football tips, advice, analysis for Week 2

Some insight for the Eagles fantasy football stars heading into Week 2

Eagles Fantasy football
Dallas-Goedert-Eagles-fantasy-football_091423_USAT Eric Canha/USA Today Sports

Is Dallas Goedert a questionable fantasy play this week?

Who should you start at running back? Will the Eagles defense put up numbers again? Is Dallas Goedert going to get more than one target?

If we could answer these questions definitively, we'd obviously be using that information to become filthy rich in Vegas. But we do cover the team professionally, watch it closely, and listen to what the coaches and players say. So here's a brief rundown of the fantasy outlook for the Eagles skill players (the point totals listed are standard half-PPR). 

Jalen Hurts, QB: Last week: 14.7

This week: Yahoo! 23.08, ESPN 27.90

Some combination of rust, conservative play-calling, rainy conditions, and a stout New England defense led Hurts to his worst fantasy showing in two seasons. A bounce-back seems likely. The weather will be great in South Philly Thursday night, the opposing defense will be worse, and Hurts will have found his sea legs.

Start him (duh)

D'Andre Swift, RB: Last week: 0.8 

This week: Yahoo! 10.63, ESPN 11.25

Swift had one catch for three yards and that was literally it. The team relied heavily on Kenny Gainwell for whatever reason. That won't happen again — this we know for sure. Gainwell has a rib injury and won't be on the field in Week 2, leaving Swift as the likely lead back. Nick Sirianni himself said this:

Yeah, I think he can play both those roles, no question about it. He'll be in that role sometimes where he carries the load for the game, and he'll be in the role sometimes like he was in last game.

Again, we don't ever want to come out with him only having those many touches. That's just kind of how the flow went in the game. We had things called for him, but sometimes the ball doesn't go for him in a certain way. That's just the way the defense takes it away.

Now, you can always get it to him by just handing it off to him, but I see him being able to play any role that he's in because of the type of back and the skill set that he has.

Start him

Rashaad Penny, RB: Last week: 0

This week: Yahoo! 5.32, ESPN 7.85

Unless you're desperate, Swift is probably the only start-able running back this week. Yes, there's also Boston Scott and Penny, but Scott doesn't seem likely to get enough touches (against a non-New York team at least), and Penny was completely inactive last week. It is definitely possible that Penny surprises and gets a bunch of carries in the ground game, but that's quite the risk with no information yet to support it.

Sit him (at least one more time)

A.J. Brown, WR: Last week: 11.4

This week: Yahoo! 14.60, ESPN 12.7

Brown had seven catches on 10 targets for 79 yards last week. That seems like a pretty solid floor for his performance, and he's obviously someone who fantasy owners will be starting each and every week. Whether or not he really pops and helps you win your week is touchdown dependent, and he had 14 of those last year. The numbers suggest he'll be somewhere in the double digits and is a breakout candidate every single game with Hurts as his quarterback.

Start him (duh)

DeVonta Smith, WR: Last week: 14.2

This week: Yahoo! 12.42, ESPN 12.5

Smith also had 10 targets last week but only hauled in seven of them for 47 yards. He did have the only touchdown, and is both a deep and red zone threat in the Eagles offense. Smith is another no-brainer start for every fantasy team out there as he and Brown should each be getting close to 10 opportunities per game. The other Eagles starter Quez Watkins is a fringe start for desperate fantasy owners.

Start him (duh)

Dallas Goedert, TE: Last week: 0

This week: Yahoo! 8.79, ESPN 8.44

Goedert was ignored in the passing game last week and had one kind-of target on a ball that sailed over his head on the sideline. Don't expect this to repeat against the Vikings. Here's what offensive coordinator Brian Robinson said this week:

We have to be really, really mindful of that and get all of our players involved. I think that's a scenario – Dallas obviously is a fantastic player, and we have to do a great job to try to find ways to get him the ball.

Start him, unless you have a better option

Eagles defense: Last week: 13.0

This week: Yahoo! 6.60, ESPN 5.60

A pick-six from Darius Slay fueled the Eagles into one of the best fantasy defense outputs of the week. Expect them to be a little closer to the projected numbers this week. They might allow some offense to Justin Jefferson and the Vikings but they also should be able to post some sacks and maybe a turnover or two.

Borderline start

Jake Elliott, kicker: Last week: 17.0

This week: Yahoo! 8.80

It's not every week your fantasy kicker drills four field goals, including two from 50+ yards. Still, ESPN says he's the third-best kicking option in Week 2.

Start him

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