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May 09, 2023

NFL rumors: Eagles get Super Bowl rematch with Chiefs Week 2 in Arrowhead

Source: Donna Kelce

The Eagles' Super Bowl rematch with the Chiefs looks like it's set for Week 2 in Arrowhead. 

With the NFL schedule in its entirety to be announced Thursday night at 8 p.m. ET – because the league will turn any and everything into an event now – leaks of various big-name matchups will be abound over the next couple of days until we finally get the whole thing in front of us. 

This schedule leak, however, comes from someone who would need to know:

Donna Kelce: Super Bowl star and now a league insider too.

Obviously, this game will be a huge draw for the NFL early into the new season and a date Eagles fans will surely have marked on their calendars.

Jason and Travis Kelce will face off again – and will likely get a couple of good "New Heights" episodes out of it in the leadup and aftermath – Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes will be a main event-level quarterback matchup, Nick Sirianni vs. Andy Reid will be a chess match between two of the league's best coaches, and the Birds, with an arguably improved roster over last season (and maybe a more adaptable defensive coordinator), will get another shot at Kansas City after falling just short to them in the Super Bowl.

Rematches like this never fully make up for a loss that big, granted, but they can be a show that a team is still capable of making it back and trying again. 

This will be far from the only big-time matchup the Eagles will be involved in too. After a run to the NFC title and an MVP-caliber campaign from Hurts, Philly will not only have what's expected to be one of the toughest schedules in the league this season but also one where the NFL will undoubtedly want them front and center in the spots that have the most eyes, like Black Friday for example

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