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December 05, 2017

Eagles power ranking roundup after Week 13

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Are power rankings completely dumb and meaningless? Yes. Yes, they are. However, personally speaking, whenever I see them, I click. And now that I've promised many power rankings, you'll read it and like it. 

Here's where people around the country have the Birds ranked after their loss to the Seahawks.

ESPN: 2nd

First-round pick Derek Barnett has 5.0 sacks this season, but the Eagles are getting big production from rookies they didn't even draft. Undrafted rookie Corey Clement has six touchdowns and Jake Elliott, who was drafted by the Bengals, has gone 19-of-23 on field goals, including a game-winning 61-yarder in Week 3.

#JimmySays: ESPN's power rankings are rookie-themed this week, hence the random note there. 2nd

The first dip in these here rankings since Week 3 for the Eagles -- and the first time not in the top spot since Week 8. The Eagles have been perched atop the league's hierarchy because of their balance on offense and defense, as well as the MVP play of the quarterback. All three factions were marginalized by the Seahawks on Sunday night. Russell Wilson reintroduced himself into the MVP race. Seattle's offense paid off drives in the red zone. Most noticeably, though, the Seahawks changed things up defensively more than the Eagles, who got pressure with their front four but didn't dedicate extra numbers to contain Wilson. Interestingly enough, it was this very franchise that made spying a thing. From 1988 through 1990, Randall Cunningham terrorized so many defenses with his legs that the DCs were forced to react. Next up for these Eagles: at Rams. Wow.

#JimmySays: That's a good point on spying Wilson, however, the Seahawks have enough weapons on defense in Jimmy Graham, Doug Baldwin, Paul Richardson, and Tyler Lockett where that becomes difficult.

Yahoo: 2nd

This is how quick the NFL can turn: The Eagles were on top of the world before they kicked off against the Seahawks on Sunday night. In an eight-day stretch, they could go from leading the NFL to needing help over the last three weeks to get a bye. If the Eagles lose to the Rams on Sunday, the Vikings win and the Saints lose (avoiding a three-team tie), Philadelphia would be the No. 3 seed in the NFC after 14 weeks. It would be crushing to start 10-1 and not even end up with a first-round bye.

#JimmySays: Well, yeah, if you lose two straight games in a 16-game season, that's going to leave a mark.

USA Today: 5th

They're lucky NFL doesn't use college football playoff system. Philly's resume highly suspect with just one win against team currently above .500.

#JimmySays: That is the dumbest comment of the year so far in these power ranking roundups. It's not like they're playing Prairie View A&M. These are NFL teams, and they blew out five of them before a loss on the road against a team that has won at least one playoff game every year since 2012. Lol.

Sporting News: 4th

Their weak schedule didn't prepare them well for what happened in Seattle, and now they have to bounce back in another tough NFC West road game.

#JimmySays: The Eagles are ranked behind the Steelers here. The Eagles are better than the Steelers.

Washington Post: 4th

The Eagles are still a very good team, even after the defeat in Seattle. They still have a chance to secure the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoffs. But they might not be the conference’s Super Bowl favorite any longer. The Vikings have, at the very least, achieved co-favorite status.

#JimmySays: I wonder if the Vikings updated Facebook to announce their "co-favorite status."

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