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July 08, 2019

Eagles' Timmy Jernigan releases rap video with a David Akers bar

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Timmy Jernigan rap Goodboyz Music Group/YouTube

Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan, aka Stud Muffin, raps in the music video for "Come Thru" by Good Boyz Music Group.

Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan revealed this offseason that he's launching a rap career with an outfit called Good Boyz Music Group.

We've now got a chance to listen to what he's got.

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Good Boyz has released six music videos in the last two months, including one for a song called "Come Thru," where Jernigan raps in his Eagles jersey under the moniker Stud Muffin.

There's a lyric referencing former Eagles kicker David Akers, who until now was probably the least likely Eagle to ever end up in a rap. (Note: Video contains explicit lyrics).

“Like my name David Akers or I play rugby," Stud Muffin seems to say. What is that supposed to mean? I don't know. As long as he's not getting pancaked, it doesn't really matter. 

Jernigan returned to the Eagles this offseason on a one-year, $1.25 million deal after the team declined to pick up his $13 million option for 2019. He missed 13 games last season as a result of a non-football back injury whose cause remains a mystery.

Does David Akers know anything about this? Maybe, maybe not. He seems to be paying more attention to special teams.

[h/t to Mike Gregor of, who first posted about Jernigan's new single over the weekend.]