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August 22, 2017

Edward Snowden will appear at the Free Library of Philadelphia, sort of

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Edward Snowden's Russian lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, said Tuesday, March 3, 2015, he was eager to return to the U.S. if given security guarantees, and German and U.S. lawyers were working on the issue.

It’s already been four years since the events surrounding Edward Snowden, the former CIA employee who disclosed classified government information and rose to global prominence, unfolded, leading him to spend 40 days living in the Russian airport after he was charged with espionage.

Though Snowden is still living in Russia, now at an undisclosed location, he will be here in Philly – sort of – for a conversation at the Free Library of Philadelphia.

Appearing via live closed-circuit video link, he will speak with Jeremy Scahill, an investigative journalist and editor of the online publication The Intercept. The two will converse about Snowden's disclosures and the surveillance state in the nation under President Donald Trump.

Though Snowden will appear through the video link, Scahill will be at the Free Library in person.

The event will be held on Monday, Sept. 11, at 7:30 p.m. at the Free Library’s Parkway Central location, near Logan Circle.

Tickets go on sale Tuesday at 10 a.m. for $35 and are available here

As the Free Library expects the event to sell out, additional $15 tickets will be sold so that people can watch a live broadcast of the event in a separate room at the Parkway Central branch.