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November 05, 2018

Here's how to get free pizza on Election Day if you're stuck in a long line to vote

Voting Free Food
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Pepperoni Pizza.

Election Day is almost here, and with it long polling place lines and that inevitable all-consuming hunger that will strike while waiting in those lines.

One project, Pizza to the Polls, is trying to stop the famished from fleeing before completing their civic duties. It caters to voters waiting particularly long lines by delivering free pizza in the name of democracy.

People stuck in a long line to vote can simply document the line on social media, then head to and report your long line by linking to the social media post. Include the polling place address and your contact info, and you're in the running for some slices.

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Pizza to the Polls began in 2016, first catering to a few voting locations in Flordia, Illinois, and Ohio. That year, by the end of Election Day, more than $43,000 was raised by 1,728 donors, offering more than 25,000 slices to voters at 128 different polling places in 24 different states.

The nonpartisan site will do a bit of research and try to order pizza from a local shop close to the requested polling place. Voters, polling place volunteers, and "anyone else hungry for a slice" can grab some food.

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All pizzas are purchased with donations, and anything not used tomorrow will go toward the next election. As of this writing, Pizza to the Polls has about $20,499 raised to spend on pizza Nov. 6.

Learn more about donating (and requesting) here.

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