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February 16, 2021

Eytan Shander: Just get the Carson Wentz trade over with so we can take a season off

The Eagles need to take a step back and start from scratch, and that means trading back in the draft

Just end this damn thing already. Stop the car, let me out. I’ll wait for you outside, just tell me how the movie ends.

No, my name is not Michael Scott nor am I trying out multiple openings ahead of some lengthy wedding toast. It’s just how we all feel regarding Carson Wentz. It’s really more of a human element of how we react when things tend to drag on with no end in sight.

We like things fast and conveniently wrapped. We want the drive-thru, CliffsNotes version of the Wentz deal. “Just get the damn thing done already, Howie. I’ll get the details from (Jimmy Kempski’s) Twitter.”

Too many people have bought into the ridiculous notion that the Eagles were leveraging Wentz and/or the want of a first-rounder in return. If you believe those things, it’s much easier for you to now believe the team lost some sort of leverage. But it actually seems like they never had it.

Interestingly, both these teams truly have a firm grasp of who the soon-to-be former Eagles QB is happens to be. The Colts have former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich, who was able to get the best out of Wentz and reportedly has a strong relationship with the QB. The Bears have QB coach John DiFilippo, who also helped get the best out of Wentz, but also reportedly coached him “too hard.” That is a huge indicator to me, as it appears it’s getting closer and closer to the reality that the Eagles are watching this misnomer of leverage blow up in their face, especially with reports of Wentz preferring a trade to Indy over Chicago.

That leaves the Colts. Reich and GM Chris Ballard understand what the situation is, they also “get” how people who never worked with Wentz don’t want to risk their jobs bringing in Wentz – or at the very least the cloud of dysfunction that seems to follow.

All of this has factored into fan fatigue. The same fans who at first showed anger towards Wentz – from not speaking publicly to ‘wanting’ out of this city – now feel apathetic towards the deal. They, like me, just want the thing over and done with, get a lesser value back, and we move on to the draft.

Here is where you and I will undoubtedly disagree: what to do in the draft. Here’s where my fatigue and apathy will trump anything you are feeling regarding Wentz. Mine has to do with this team and the people running it (into the ground).

We all need a year off, something the Eagles are clearly planning. This isn’t a team that’s geared to compete for anything – outside of not being the worst team in the division. Even that isn’t a lock. So what are we pushing for? Why not just take a collective breath and see what the team has.

The Philadelphia Eagles are best off with Howie Roseman trading back in the draft, breaking the 6th overall pick into two or three smaller picks – including what is most likely another first round pick. There’s no need to rush a new QB in here. There’s no reason to discard Jalen Hurts yet either.

The team isn’t looking to contend, so we shouldn’t go into this season with contradictory expectations. Instead, let’s get a full look at Hurts. Let’s see what a preseason through regular season actually does for the second year QB. Something he didn’t get at all in year one.

What is the alternative? Doing the same thing with Trey Lance or Zach Wilson? I don’t know about you, but I need a break from every single year being the make-or-break season for a QB.

If Jeff Lurie and Roseman had any sense they would trade back immediately at No. 6 in the draft and take a player of value at 11-15, pick up a second second-rounder, and start to put people on offense you can grow.

It’s actually time to take a step back, take a breath, and be OK with a season that’s trying to find out who you are, rather than assume it and watch people fail to live up to ridiculous expectations.

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