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December 24, 2015

Five great waffle spots in the Philly area

Where to find the best waffles in the region

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122315_FoolishWaffles Contributed Art/Foolish Waffles

Blueberries, cream and white powder on a waffle from Foolish Waffles.

Delicious meals are rarely in short supply during the holiday season. Once it's over, though, falling back into a routine can be a difficult transition for your taste buds.

Few meals cover all bases the way breakfast does, and while whipping up eggs and pancakes at home is a cinch, indulging in great waffles becomes a challenge if you don't own a press. Apart from Eggos, treating yourself to the finest waffles requires a trip and an empty stomach.

Here are five great places for waffles in Philadelphia and South Jersey.

Waffles and Wedges

Waffles from Waffles and Wedges. (Contributed Art/Waffles and Wedges)

1511 Pine Street

Widely regarded as a go-to spot to satisfy Philadelphia's sweet tooth, Waffles and Wedges offers a gamut of adventurous Belgian waffles and potato wedges. Everything here is made from scratch, including the yeast-based dough used to make Liege waffles with a crunchy outside and chewy inside. The buttermilk variety – called "Boring" on the menu – is also available along with favorites such as the rEVOLution waffle (banana, Nutella and fluff) and the Nauti waffle (jumbo lump crab cake on a waffle).

Cedar Park Cafe

Fried chicken and waffles from Cedar Park Cafe. (Contributed Art/Yelp). 

4914 Baltimore Avenue

If you're looking for chicken and waffles, Cedar Park Cafe in Southwest Philadelphia is a sure bet for some of the city's best. Freshly fried chicken with sweet chili sauce is served alongside thick, hearty waffles with sweet maple syrup. With all platters at $10 or below, it's also a great value.

Waves at Wildwood

Waffles from Waves at Wildwood. (Contributed Art/Waves at Wildwood) 

3401-102 New Jersey Avenue

Starting off the day on the right foot is essential to getting the most out of your time at the shore. The Waves Restaurant in Wildwood is the perfect place to mix and match breakfast favorites, from golden Belgian waffles topped with a choice of fruit (blueberry, banana or strawberry) to a variety of French toast and pancake options.

Foolish Waffles

Blueberries, cream and powder top a waffle from the Foolish Waffles food truck. (Contributed Art/Foolish Waffles)

Food truck and event catering

If you're looking to expand your waffle horizons, Foolish Waffles is one of the best food trucks in Philadelphia, with primary stops in Chestnut Hill and at LOVE Park. Standout options on the menu include the Granola Waffle (fresh fruit, Lancaster County maple syrup and Pequea Valley plain yogurt) and the Pork Belly Bahn Mi Waffle (pickled cabbage, jalapenos, cucumbers, cilantro and togarashi and sriracha sauces). Of course, you can also get down on the PB&J Waffle or the Caramel Apple Crisp Waffle.

La Liegeoise Waffles

Waffles from La Liegeoise Waffles (Contributed  Art/La Liegeoise Waffles) 

Cherry Hill Mall, 2000-NJ 38

A full day of shopping at the Cherry Hill Mall can be exhausting, fortunately, the food court has one of the region's top up-and-coming waffle spots. Founded in 2014, La Liegeoise Waffles offers traditional gourmet waffles and crepes, with a wide selection of toppings to satisfy cravings both sweet and savory.