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December 28, 2016

Five tips for parents when choosing ski gear for kids

Get started out skiing on the right foot

A family ski trip is exciting, especially for kids who have never been to the slopes. For parents, the excitement can sometimes be overshadowed by stress. 

Every parent wants their child to be warm, comfortable and safe when skiing, but it's not always easy to choose the right gear.

Bob Danzeisen, owner of long-standing New Jersey sports store Danzeisen & Quigley, has a few tips for parents getting their beginner skiers ready for the slopes.

1. Know when to buy or lease ski gear

Why? It can save money. It's more convenient to own ski equipment, but for growing kids, leasing is the better option. It costs less and at the end of the ski season parents aren't stuck with boots and skis that no longer fit.

2. Take the time to get your child properly fitted for ski gear

Why? It's important for comfort and safety. Possibly the two most important pieces of equipment are the helmet and goggles, but many ski shops will fit children for skis, boots and binding, too. Many independent ski retails will even fit leased equipment.

3. Say "No!" to cotton

Why? Dressing in layers is important when hitting the slopes, but don't make cotton the first layer. The material retains sweat and ultimately cools the body. Instead, opt for synthetics designed to wick sweat away from the body and maintain body heat for the base layers.

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4.  Don’t believe the old wives' tale about socks

Why? Contrary to popular belief, thicker socks do not mean warmer feet. Piling on socks isn't good, either. Doubling up can cause blisters. Again, a synthetic material works best when picking out the proper socks.

5. Mittens are better than gloves

Why? Mittens keep fingers together, which helps them stay warmer. Mittens also help children better grasp ski poles.