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March 22, 2016

Former Sixers star Dikembe Mutombo escapes Brussels attacks unharmed

Retired basketball player was in airport during explosions

Former Philadelphia 76ers player Dikembe Mutombo is unharmed after being present during a deadly terrorist attack that killed more than 30 people in Brussels Tuesday.

The 49-year-old, who played center for the Sixers during the team's 2001 NBA Finals run, took to Facebook to let everyone know he was alright.

Mutombo said he was at the Brussels airport "with the craziness," he said. Two explosions occurred at the airport in and another happened on a city subway train. In addition to those killed, more than 200 were injured during the attack that the terror group ISIS has claimed responsibility for.

The former NBA star's charity, the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation, released a statement saying that Mutombo was unharmed shortly after the attacks occurred:

Today we bow our heads in remembrance for those who lost their lives in Brussels. And we give thanks for all of the first responders offering support, strength, and solidarity to everyone impacted by these horrible tragedies. To those who are asking for an update - Dikembe was at the Brussels airport when the bombing happened this morning, and was thankfully unharmed. Local authorities are working to move everyone to safe locations while the City navigates through this act of terror. Please join us in keeping Brussels in your thoughts and prayers.

Mutombo was coming home to the United States through Belgium after a visit to his native country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, where his foundation performs charity, he told CNN.

He told CNN he was napping in the airport lobby when the explosions occurred, and initially thought it was a joke when he heard everyone screaming.

Mutombo said he ran through the terminal, seeing people bleeding and hurting as he escaped the building. He asked those back in America to pray for the loved ones of the people killed and hurt.You can watch his interview with CNN below: