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May 13, 2019

'Game of Thrones': Twitter reacts to Episode 5, 'The Bells'

God save the queen ... the mad queen

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Game of Thrones season 8 Helen Sloane/HBO

"Game of Thrones" episode 5, "The Bells," aired Sunday night, and people have some thoughts on the mad queen storyline. Seen here is Cersei, played by Lena Headey, in King's Landing.

'Game of Thrones' is one episode away from the series finale, and we have some concerns after Sunday night's hell-raising episode. All welcome the birth of the mad queen. 

(NOTE: If you have not watched Sunday's episode yet, be aware there are spoilers if you continue reading.)

After finding out that Jon should be king, Varys tried to convincing Tyrion to turn against Daenerys. Tyrion says no, and because he trusts Dany (mistake), he told her what was happening. 

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Well, Dany didn't like that very much, and Varys was soon ordered to death for treason. RIP Varys.

From there ... well, it got better before it got worse. As the forces stood in front of each other, Dany came in, burning down the iron fleet with vengeance, and taking down the Lannister army. It almost looked like everything was going to work out as it should. But this is GoT, and happiness isn’t exactly an emotion these characters are capable of feeling.

(Also, meanwhile, Cersei is determined nothing bad is going to happen and that her men will fight by her side despite watching everything burn. LOL, Cersei.)

Grey Worm and Jon Snow storm into the city where they are greeted with more soldiers. But the men drop their swords, surrendering, and we soon hear the bells toll. 

Now, this would seem like such good news, right? And it was. For about two seconds. Until we get a close up shot of Dany with this crazed look in her eye. 

Rather than stop, she keeps going. Burning everything to the ground. Even Grey Worm starts attacking men who surrendered, and before you know it the whole place is burning down and no one is safe.

Meanwhile, Tyrion and Jon, who stood by Dany, are now watching everything burn to the ground, shocked as if they didn’t expect Dany to go all Mad Queen – despite warnings from literally everyone else, including Sansa.

The castle starts to crumble thanks to the hellfire from Dany and Drogon. Cersei escapes underground before finding Jaime. The Hound and The Mountain have the most hardcore fight scene anyone has ever seen, because seriously, who just pulls a knife out of their eye?!

In the end, Cersei fell to her death with her brother by her side, being crushed to death by the crumbling castle. Though, many fans were not happy with the way she went out.

Meanwhile, Ayra is out here trying to fend for her life. 

But in the end, all we’re left with is one very, very mad queen. She essentially turned into her father, Aeyrs II Targaryen, and as it turns out, this episode was foreshadowed in Season 2 when Dany had a vision of seeing the Iron Throne covered in ash. 

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