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July 14, 2016

Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf signs bill allowing Uber, Lyft to operate legally in Philadelphia – for now

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Carroll - Uber Lyft Taxi Showdown Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Heading west over the Ben Franklin Bridge en route to the Philadelphia Art Museum from Camden.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has signed a bill allowing ridesharing businesses, including Uber and Lyft, to operate legally in Philadelphia through Sept. 30, reports.

This summer buffer will lead up nicely to an anticipated vote this fall by state lawmakers on whether to permanently legalize ridesharing throughout the state. adds that under the wording of the bill, the Philadelphia School District is expected to get a small portion of funds generated by the ridesharing services.

“Ride-sharing services would pay 1 percent of their gross receipts from fares that originate in the city to the Philadelphia Parking Authority, (which oversees transportation businesses in Philadelphia). The cash-strapped School District would get about two-thirds of that money, and the PPA would keep the rest,” according to reporter Colt Shaw.