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September 15, 2017

The great Philly beer delivery wars have begun

What started as a rather simple promotion accompanying a delivery app's new feature has spiraled into a war of deals from likely bored communications professionals.

On Thursday, Postmates, the app that delivers takeout to your door with bikers, announced it's going to start delivering beer as well. Additionally, for those who take advantage of the new option for the first week, delivery is free for a month. Hooray!

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Well, GoPuff, the Philly-based mobile convenience store, has launched a counteroffensive. GoPuff was quick to point out that it's been delivering beer and wine in the city for almost two years already and now is offering a deal of its own.

Ashley Vasquez, spokeswoman for the company, said in an email GoPuff is offering 20 percent off all beer in Philly, clearly a response to Postmates. The deal is "permanent," according to Vasquez.

There was also this little exchange on Twitter between GoPuff and April Conyers, who works in communications for Postmates.

It's like the PR equivalent of the rap battles in "8 Mile."

The benefit for you in all of this is that you have two seemingly cheaper beer delivery options for at least the next month or so. Of course, you can always just go pick up your own six-pack, you drunk sloth.