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November 08, 2016

A vote for the future: I'm with her, for him

Why I am voting for Hillary Clinton for my son's future

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Katie_Gagnon_Election Katie Gagnon /for PhillyVoice

Katie is not just voting for herself this election, she is voting for her son's future. Today she is voting for Hillary Clinton for president.

I have always been a Democrat, strictly voting donkey in every election except one since I turned 18. Though I have become more fiscally conservative with age, I classify myself as a bleeding-heart liberal. So it is really no surprise to anyone who knows me that I am voting for Hillary Clinton for president of the United States.

I truly admire and respect Secretary Clinton. When she was running for Congress in New York, I attended a rally she held at my college, Hofstra University, and was impressed by her intellect, passion, wit and drive. I have been a fan ever since, so much so, that I actually voted for her over President Obama. I still have my Hillary 2008 button, which I will wear when I go to the polls today and watch the returns tonight.

This is a weekly column about my experience expecting my first child and becoming a mother, so you may be wondering why I am choosing to talk politics. Goodness knows there have been enough opinions shared regarding this race. Every election I can remember has been classified by journalists, pundits and politicians as the most important of my lifetime, but this presidential election truly is paramount to the future of our nation – to my son’s future. I am not just voting for myself today; I am also voting for Killian. For that reason, I am standing up and shouting that I am with her.

It is emotional for me to vote for the first female Democratic candidate for president. It has been less than a century since the 19th Amendment was ratified. My great-grandmothers were born before women had the right to vote, and I will vote for (I hope) our first Madame President. I do not doubt that I will have tears in my eyes when I pull the lever. Today is a special day in our country’s history and for me, personally. But I am not just voting for the first female president because we are both women. I believe she will be a strong commander in chief. I believe she will provide for a better future for my baby boy.

Many Americans cannot stand Secretary Clinton. Her voice, her policies, her emails, her pantsuits. Heck maybe even just her gender rubs some the wrong way. She is polarizing, to say the least. I could expound upon her qualifications, her intelligence and her compassion, but suffice it to say, I am voting for her because as a Democrat, her policies align with my preferences and because the Republican candidate for president and his running mate scare the s*** out of me. I could explain why, but we are all sick of hearing the reasons that Donald Trump is not fit to lead our nation. It is a broken record played on a consistent loop for the past year.

There are basically two choices for president today. For me, it is the choice between a Democrat who will ensure a better future and country for my son versus an unqualified, hateful, reality TV star who panders to our biases and fears. It may be a difficult choice for some, but it is easy for me.

For my son’s future, I am voting for Hillary Clinton.

The most important thing every American can do today is VOTE. Exercise your right and make your voice heard! To find your polling place, visit Rock The Vote .

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